FLEX invests in profitable tech pioneers in the German Mittelstand

What we look for:

We are looking for successful internet and software companies that we can take to the next level of growth with our experience – preferably together with the founders.

Our investment criteria:

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Active in the internet and software sector with proprietary technology

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Headquartered in the DACH region

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Revenues between EUR 5m and 30m

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Profitable (min. EUR 1m in EBITDA) and growing

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Majority or significant minority investments

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Equity investments between EUR 5m and 25m

Our investment approach:

FLEX Capital supports companies with resources and know-how in their further growth and at the same time offers founders the opportunity to monetize some or all of the value created so far. By consistently applying best practice methods in all areas of the company’s operations, we help to fully realize the existing potential.

FLEX Capital investment approach

What sets us apart:

We are not the typical financial investor. Our fund is managed by real entrepreneurs who have successfully founded, developed and sold more than 10 companies. We support our portfolio companies by contributing our extensive experience as well as our network in the software and internet sector.


We offer maximum flexibility. Our investment approach includes both majority and significant minority investments. In addition, we are flexible in terms of how existing shareholders and management retain their share in the company. No matter whether you wish to continue to support the company or fully exit your commitment, we will adapt to your needs.


We rely on simple processes and structures: Investment processes are often complicated and lengthy. We try to make the investment process as simple as possible. Although we don’t buy “a pig in a poke”, it is our goal to keep the effort for the seller’s side in the due diligence process as low as possible. This allows you to focus on the most important task – managing your company.

  • Venture capital
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Very high valuation
      • Complex process
      • Long-term contractually binding commitment of the founders
      • High pressure to grow and achieve 20-100x valuation
      • No cash-out for founders, only growth capital
      • Little operational & strategic support

  • Classic private equity
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Complete or partial cash-out
      • Time-consuming and protracted process
      • Complex terms and structures
      • Ownership instead of partnership
      • Limited entrepreneurial experience by investor
      • Complex reporting structures

  • FLEX Capital
    • $ 100 Monthly
      • Complete or partial cash-out
      • Simple process
      • True partnership
      • Flexible terms on whether founders stay or leave
      • Partner with many years of own entrepreneurial experience
      • Simple reporting structures